Generating leads.
This is our craft.

more relevant customer inquiries through sales-focused lead generating.

What we specialize in.

LeadEngine helps companies generate leads. That means: measurably more relevant customer inquiries. A mix of measures tailored to the corporate goals is implemented by our experts in online and offline lead generation and adapted monthly in an agile manner.

How we generate leads.

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What we do


Together we define the initial situation, set goals and develop a tailor-made concept for the implementation of the measures.

Pilot phase

From the analysis of the market segments to the elaboration of buyer-personas-answers-the-5-most-frequent-questions, up to the possible lead generating process or the narrow focus on individual measures. We start where you are.

Implementation and ongoing optimization

We optimize the costs per lead. In monthly reporting meetings with our customers, we track our progress using the defined metrics and make agile decisions.

Are you looking for a long-term partner and would like to set up lead generation processes in such a way that the costs per lead decrease?

Do you need support with the implementation of individual measures in online marketing and telephone marketing?

We tick differently than most marketing agencies. Our focus: increase the number of leads and reduce the cost per lead in the long term. This requires a sales-oriented overall strategy and an orchestration of measures based on relevant KPI’s.


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Generate leads with LeadEngine - What do we do differently

We are experts in B2B lead generating with a sales focus.

We manage our measures in an agile manner and combine online and data-based marketing with telephone marketing.

Regardless of whether it is a new website, a focused Google Ads campaign, content or telephone marketing. We offer all marketing disciplines from a single source. For you this means: easier coordination and time savings.

We rely on transparent and partnership-based cooperation. In monthly reporting meetings, we jointly examine the KPIs and give recommendations for how to proceed.


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Generate leads - marketing and sales are moving closer together

Common focus of marketing and sales

A good exchange of information and a common focus are becoming increasingly important for sustainable lead generation. Because too often, important knowledge about users and customers is not used optimally to generate leads. Targeted marketing measures ensure more visitors to your website, shop or individual landing pages and lead to relevant contact requests with the right content. Online marketing is therefore essential for effective lead generation. Leads obtained in this way can then be pre-qualified by well-trained employees in telephone marketing. So before a lead comes into contact with the sales representative, they usually already had several points of contact with the company. The individual departments of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service are increasingly intertwined in the design of this customer journey, with the point in time at which the leads are handed over to sales tending to move back. Service Level Agreements (SLA) between departments describe what one department can expect from the other and who is responsible for what.

Leads for sale

Constant supply of sales opportunities with sales opportunities

Lead generating is a basic requirement to make sales organizations successful and controllable. This ensures that all sales employees are provided with sales opportunities of approximately the same quality. This in turn means that employees in sales can be compared more fairly with one another and their success rates increase. If marketing is responsible for generating and qualifying leads, sales staff can concentrate on the sales phase and closing the sale.

Process from Lead to customers

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