We love leads!

Who we are, what we do differently and why we exist.

We help you generate the right leads, more online orders and happier existing customers.

In doing so, we work with a sales focus: The goal of our lead generation strategies is an increased closing rate.

We achieve this with relevant content, sustainable search engine optimization, targeted search engine advertising, results-oriented telemarketing or target group-oriented social media marketing.

Concept, implementation and control - all from a single source. Our team has 100 years of experience in sales-focused lead generation.

What we do differently

Flexible implementation

With LeadEngine Flex your lead generation will be done in a sales-oriented way. We work agile. The combination of disciplines can be changed depending on demand or business development on a monthly basis.



We share all key figures with our customers in regular reporting meetings. Based on this and the customer’s requirements, we then define the next steps and continuously reduce the costs per lead.


Sales-focused and results-oriented

We support you in achieving your corporate goals with qualified and relevant leads. As part of the Sales Performance Group, we not only live the sales productivity philosophy but we also increase your leads, but your earnings.

What our customers say

"As a film production and 3D studio, we don't meet our customers casually on the street, but need a professional approach to the right contact person. With LeadEngine, we have found a partner who empathizes with our subject matter and with our customers. The team takes a structured and individualized approach at the same time."
Nina Hamberger
Producer Teufelswerk Film GmbH&Co.KG

Sales Performance Group - Leaders in Engineering Sales Productivity

The Sales Performance Group is an innovative service provider for sales. Depending on the task at hand, our divisions work autonomously or in an integrated manner to help our customers in Europe to sustainably improve their sales performance.

Qualified Sales Leads & Online Sales: Inbound Marketing, Direct Marketing, Marketing Automation, Social Selling, Telesales, Online Sales 

Smartly Managed Sales Teams: sales outsourcing, sales coaching, sales onboarding, sales recruitment


Developing Outperforming Sales People: Sales Transformation, Sales Training, eLearning, blended learning

"Our thoughts and actions revolve around our philosophy of a plannable,
controllable and manageable sales and marketing process. The
central success formula for all our projects provides the basis for
the measurable common success criteria."

Wilhelm Berghammer
Managing Partner Sales Performance Group

Our formula for success

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