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We create added value.

Adding value is the ultimate goal of any good content marketing strategy. The principle is easy - the implementation is not always easy. Because often it fails because of ideas, the right planning and continuous production of exciting and informative content. We support you in the development and editorial realization of a sustainable content marketing strategy.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing method that strategically defines qualitative content and substitutes advertising praising messages. Behind this is the fact that more and more people on the Internet are looking for relevant information before deciding on a product or service. In content marketing, it is therefore important to place oneself online with informative, advisory and / or entertaining content. As a result, users not only find valuable content but also your company. This promotes trust, creates awareness of your brand and increases the likelihood of a deal.

Content Marketing is not only a measurment tool, but it includes the strategic planning of all content-related activities and content creation, within the inbound-marketing processes.


Strategy is King!

With a content creation strategy, you define how, why, for whom and with what content the company places itself online. This requires a precise analysis of the market segments and BuyerPersonas before it comes to the creation of a content process and editorial planning. You need to know what your target audience is looking for and what content you can use to pick them up. Typical formats for content production are blog articles, white papers, videos or infographics.

Content Marketing with LeadEngine

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Analysis & Strategy

At the beginning an actual analysis is carried out. Based on this, content creation strategy and long-term goals are determined.

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Target group identification & creation of BuyerPersonas

In a workshop, we will compile a profile of your typical customers that is as accurate as possible, so that we know what is involved, in order to plan how to proceed with the content creation process.

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Theme plan & channels

We create a topic plan, define possible channels and key performance indicators and talk about existing and required resources.

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Detailed editorial plan

The process is defined: production, organization, roles and assignments. As a basis for the ongoing implementation, we create a detailed editorial plan.

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Content creation and implementation

We create your content. Matched to brand, message and defined BuyerPersonas, we create exciting content that needs to be read and shared.

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Evaluation and optimization

The content production is constantly checked, meaning texts are repeatedly questioned and adapted to their relevance. We measure our successes on the basis of visitor numbers, leads and shares.

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