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Positively influence the buying process with high-quality content.

Potential customer influence and decision-making behavior in the buying process has changed: 77% of B2B buyers do not speak to a salesperson until they have done their research. Companies that respond to this with appropriate online content strengthen their brand and create new sales opportunities.

How they convince with content:

Choosing the right topics and channels

Applying storytelling techniques that strengthen your brand with text, image, and video formats

Properly preparing your content for search engines.

Let’s talk about your content.

Convincing content in all phases of the customer journey

Potential consumers search for specific terms (keywords). They find content on your website/blog that helps and convinces.

Optimally designed landing pages and download offers lead to valuable contacts. High-quality, freely accessible content also ensures that your sales team meets targeted and well-informed contacts.

With relevant content on the channels that are important for your leads/customers, you stay present and generate new inquiries.

How we support our customers in content marketing

What does your content marketing need?

The Content Marketing Process with LeadEngine

Every project is different. That’s why we start by assessing your site’s potential, reviewing the status of your content, and defining goals.
An ideal content marketing process is always interwoven with other marketing activities and campaigns – from search engine optimization to performance marketing.

Which content formats work?

To determine what content should be produced for which target group and published on which channels, we start by designing unique buyer personas for your target audience(s). Questions, behaviors, motivations and barriers of your potential customers are defined and documented. Touchpoints of their customer journey in their relationship with your company can then be traced and mapped.

The editorial plan is the linchpin of content production.

The editorial plan defines all the steps that lie between topic planning and publication:

Knowledge of your personas and a sound SEO strategy are the basis for content that contributes to the company’s success. Only those who know the search intentions and expectations of potential customers can respond to them in a targeted manner. Ongoing monitoring of your content is essential to draw insights into buyer behavior. You learn which topics interest your potential customer, what you should focus on, which result in conversions, and which content is not worth investing in.

Let’s talk about your content marketing opportunities.

From production to promotion of your content.

Relevance has top priority in content marketing

This is why content marketing is the key to your target group

Today’s decision-makers obtain information differently than in the past. They compare offers on their initiative and weigh up the added value. Content that conveys a high level of information and creates the trust can lead to successful business relationships. In this way, they demonstrate specialist and industry knowledge. This aspect is main significant for products and services that require explanation.

Those who manage to understand the intentions of their potential customers and speak in their language will succeed in leaping to high-quality lead generation.

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