Conversion rate optimization

Convert website visitors into queries

How do we transform potential prospects into leads? We are dealing with this question in the course of conversion rate optimization. In doing so, we set measures that help visitors to your website to go a step further and get in touch with you: by means of a contact form, the download of information, a newsletter subscription or a telephone request. With search engine-optimized content and an easy-to-use website structure, you’ll be helping prospects find what they need and maximize the chance of new qualified leads.

What is Conversion Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization deals with the question of how to guide and motivate the user to reach a certain defined goal (the conversion). Such a goal may be, for example, a completed web form, a newsletter subscription, a download, a phone call, a sent email, a click on a link in an email, a like, a given rating or even a statement of interest on the phone, etc … In order to enable an overall conversion rate optimization, one must also consider the preparatory actions – also called micro conversions. At the stage of the macro conversion (target action) some users break off. The goal of Conversion Optimization is to keep the funnel as open as possible.

Conversion Optimizers try to find out through continuous testing, which encourages a user to perform a specific, desired action. The influencing factors for conversion rate optimization are very varied. The structure of a website, the arrangement of the contact elements, the color and shape of the contact elements, the structure of a conversation guide, the appeal of a call to action, the way the information is displayed, the attractiveness of the content and the value proposition in carrying out the action.

The measure of actual success

A lot of traffic (visitors) on the website shows you that search engine optimization and advertising have been used correctly. However, what is most important for the success of the company is whether the interested parties also take the next step towards making a purchase. We measure this success, which includes sales targets, on the basis of the contact inquiries made (leads). This is our most important metric.

Why is conversion rate optimization important?

Conversion optimization or conversion rate optimization is important because – with a given number of active visitors to a webpage or a given number of latent contacts you want to proactively address – increasing the conversion rate can greatly affect the outcome , It is therefore important to define conversion goals for each marketing activity, to capture the conversion rate and to try to improve it constantly. It makes a big difference, if eg. online 0.2% of eg. Convert 1000 visitors, or 2%. Do you know the conversion rate of your website?

Guideline Conversion Rates

You can not give a general benchmark. We are talking about experience, with the result depending heavily on the branch, the company and the timing of the campaign. The values ​​here show only a guideline.

3 %
online marketing

Very good is a conversion rate of 2%. Sometimes 3% is achieved.

7 %
Email Marketing

The benchmark for good click rates for email marketing is 5-7%.

7 %
Telephone Marketing

In telephony marketing, we are successful with a quota of 5-7% of achieved leads / dates.

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Conversion rate optimization measures

Email Marketing: Increase click-through rates

The conversion goal of an email campaign is usually a click on a call to action button. This link usually refers to a landing page on a web page. Factors that may influence the achievement of this goal include:

Conversion rate optimization in newsletters and email marketing uses exactly these factors to test A / B to find the best combination and optimize the Converison Rate.

Website or landing page optimization

The conversion goal on a web page is usually a completed form (request for quotation, newsletter registration, download, demo, call back, event participation, lottery participation), a call, a sent email, a chat or even a purchase in the case of a webshop. Factors that can influence the achievement of goals include:

Through ongoing optimization of these factors, ongoing reporting of conversion rate change and continuous A / B testing, conversion optimization is also trying to increase conversion rates.

Optimize telemarketing activities

While Lead generating done by phone, the conversion goal is usually an added interest or an appointment with the sales department. Factors that influence these conversion goals are:

In telemarketing, the most crucial factors are the selection of the database and the preparation of a good guide with clear USPs and possible pain points of the potential customers in the various target groups. Again, it is crucial to test different variations and to optimize them continuously according to the results.

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