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Good customer loyalty is the basis for regular sales by existing customers. In addition to subtle customer loyalty measures (content marketing), direct telephone or personal contact remains an important measure for turning a customer into a regular customer. Getting a good balance of listening and feedback works wonders in direct marketing, boosts confidence, and positively anchors your performance!

Customer loyalty in direct marketing

Gunter Gehrke (2003) describes customer loyalty as the customer’s increased willingness to enter into a lasting relationship with the supplier and to generate non-random closing orders within a usual period of time. Customer loyalty measures in direct marketing aim to generate further closings by directly and proactively addressing your existing customers.

Why is customer loyalty important?

Many companies are more concerned with generating new customers than with maintaining existing ones. This often results in as many customers being lost as are gained on the other side. A customer retention strategy should therefore deal with all measures that can be used to turn existing customers into regular customers, extend contracts with customers and systematically exploit cross-selling opportunities.

Customer loyalty with LeadEngine

With a LeadEngine customer loyalty program, you inspire through competent relationship management in the necessary frequency and/or systematically use potentials in up- and cross-selling. In this way, you will be perceived as a professional company and increase the probability of follow-up orders.

We will be happy to advise you on developing your personal customer loyalty strategy for long-term success. Use our experience for your flexible solution and the right mix of direct marketing (outbound) and inbound marketing.

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How does customer retention work with LeadEngine?

-Product training
-Strategy and guideline development
-Definition of objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs)
-Interface definition
-Definition of communication and project coordination.
The highly qualified LeadEngine telephony team takes care of your telephone customer inquiries. Professionalism in the implementation is ensured and continuously monitored by our team leaders.
In regular reporting meetings, we assess progress together with our customers on the basis of jointly defined KPIs.

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