Customer recovery - Winback campaign

We get back in again.

A winback campaign holds a huge potential for sales in customer recovery. It is worthwhile to proceed systematically and to re-establish lost business relationships. It is important to analyze the reasons for the customer churn and to strategically align the planned retrieval measures.

Why winback campaign?

The loyalty of customers to their suppliers is constantly decreasing. Without professionally planned customer loyalty strategies, a significant percentage of customers will migrate. But the good news is: 9 out of 10 customers are retrievable! This is the result of an online study by the market research institute Ciao GmbH. Professional customer loyalty programs on the one hand and systematically implemented customer recovery programs on the other are an important strategic response in terms of preventing this churn. With a winback campaign, you show your customers that you appreciate them and increase sales and earnings at the same time!

Winback campaign with LeadEngine

Through a winback campaign, LeadEngine develops and implements a structured and sustainable program for customer recovery with you. We analyze the causes of customer churn, plan specific measures and implement them for you. A complete success control, transparency and ongoing optimization of all activities are the basis for a successful cooperation.

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How does a winback campaign work with LeadEngine?

-Product training
-Strategy and guideline development
-Definition of goals and key performance indicators (KPIs)
-Interface definition
-Definition of communication and project coordination
The highly qualified LeadEngine telephony team takes care of your telephone customer inquiries. Professionalism in the implementation is ensured by our team leaders and continuously checked.
In regular reporting meetings, we assess the progress together with our customers on the basis of jointly defined KPIs.

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