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Targeted personalized, automated messages to prospects

There is a perception that email marketing is outdated, and newsletters are immediately pushed into the trash even before being read. In reality, email marketing is a cost-effective marketing tool which can be measured, improved, and highly influential in the buying process. Email marketing allows you reach your target groups with personalized and automated messages via email or newsletter. It is one of the most effective marketing channels for customer re-engagement and a power brand-building tool. With the right content that is useful to the reader, email campaigns can help you reach your marketing goals.

Sales-focused online marketing from concept to craft

Let us help reach new customers and re-engage dormant clients with targeted email marketing.
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Why Email Marketing?

If you use email marketing correctly at each stage of the marketing funnel, you have the chance to generate qualified leads.

When during the Customer Journey is Email Marketing effective?

Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing is a great thing to do if you want to build a database. Traditionally, companies slowly build a database, then use email marketing to reach out to potential customers from a database list. We turn the tables a bit. Of course, you need people’s contact information to reach them,but often a marketing department collects contact information and simply hands it over to the sales department. But this short-sighted practice bypasses massive conversion opportunity. Leads should be qualified, or optimized, before handed over to sales. Lead nurturing (building and developing a relationship between the company and a prospect) and utilization of The Lead Scoring Method is proven to gain more sales at higher margins.

Example 1:

A newsletter is sent out in the awareness phase. Depending on the click-through rate and clicked topics of interest, points are assigned to the lead. If a lead achieves 5 points when clicking on product A and 4 points when clicking on the topic of security, then that prospect has self-identified as a specific persona, andsubsequently receives tailored and predefined information.

Example 2:

A customer buys a product for which a service is due eight months later. Shortly before the service is due, the customer receives specific information such as “Your service is due, get a 20% discount.

How Email Marketing Works with LeadEngine?

We support you in setting up an overall concept. In addition, we implement and optimize your email and newsletter marketing and ensure an optimal landing of your desired customers on the target page linked in the mail (landing page).

Email Marketing Consulting

We can advise you when it comes to email marketing content, design, and strategy. It’s easy to end up in the spam folder with one wrong word or design choice, losing conversion opportunity or even inadvertently in the gray area legally. CTA, DSGVO, conversion rate, click-through rate, open rate … we walk you through all these topics and teach you how to avoid pitfalls.

Email marketing needs a concept

Like any marketing activity, email marketing needs a clear and focused topic. Only then is it possible to define a campaign or editorial plan, content, and processes.

Editorial planning

The basis for content planning is the previously created concept. The editorial plan specifies target persons, topics, tasks, costs, and deadlines.

Optimization of campaigns

If you use an email marketing tool (e.g. CRM tool) for sending newsletters, you can generate statistics and reporting on campaigns which makes optimization easier and more efficient.

Email marketing automation

In email marketing, automated delivery can help structure and streamline your campaigns and process, and expertly align campaigns with events along the customer journey. For example, if a customer downloads a certain document or clicks a button for more information, this event is recognized by the software and triggers a targeted email in response to the customer’s actions.

Telemarketing in the email marketing process

Improved close rates, in our experience, can be achieved with campaigns that combine tools. For example, an email is sent to potential buyers, depending on engemeent with that email, and within a specific time frame, those potential customer are contacted by phone. We can help you segment and define blended channel campaigns with our broad and extensive knowledge and experience with numerous CRM platforms.

Creation of landing pages

An important indicator of the success of email campaigns is the right landing pages. We can create or help re-write/design the optimal pages to match email content, for a seamless user experience and optimal engagement when potential customers areredirected to the site through a click on a contact element or a link.

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