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Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools and constantly offers new opportunities that go beyond classic customer care. You have prospects who are not yet customers? Then, address these personalized and automated directly to your needs and draw attention at the right time and with the right words! 

We support you with a well-conceived concept and creative editorial planning, implement and optimize your email and newsletter marketing. Through our email marketing agency, we also ensure that your desired customers land on the landing page linked to the mail in an optimal way.

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As an Email marketing agency, we advise you when it comes to content, design and strategy in e-mail marketing. Much can be done wrong in email marketing. We can rely on the experience of different campaigns.

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Editorial planning

The basis for planning the content is the previously created concept. The editorial plan should serve as a red thread for various campaigns in order to achieve the goals set. It defines who delivers what content for which target group and when.

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Optimization of the campaigns

With various test methods, the campaigns are constantly optimized and the key performance indicators are tracked. This is one of the many roles that an email marketing agency can play.

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Email Automation

In Email marketing, the sending of e-mails can be automated very well based on the customer journey and certain events. For example, on the customer's birthday or after a click or download, an email can be sent automatically after a defined period of time and in line with the topic of the download or click. An email marketing agency handles all of that and more.

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Telephone follow-up

Good graduation rates can also be achieved with campaigns in which an e-mail is sent and shortly thereafter recipients are contacted by phone.

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Concept creation

Together with you, we work out a concept and the goals of the email marketing campaigns in order to achieve long-term success.

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Set up the campaigns

We set up the e-mail marketing campaign with your desired newsletter tool. We design a template, maintain the contents (texts, graphics, images) and optimize them. We also select the contact elements and define the landing pages with you. An email marketing agency takes care of all that!

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Existing customer support and lead generation

On the one hand, newsletter marketing serves to inform existing customers or to motivate them to make further purchases. On the other hand, e-mail marketing is used to develop prospects for buyers and to generate leads in the first step, for example via the website.

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Creation of landing pages

An important part of the success of e-mail campaigns are the correct landing pages. At your request, we will create the optimal pages to match the contents, which will be forwarded to you by clicking on a contact element or a link in the mail.

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