Inbound Calls

We extend your customer service.

Strong customer service is the basis for sustainable customer satisfaction.

Our inbound calls team takes over your incoming calls as required and ensures a professional customer approach. The detailed product training and joint development of strategy and guidelines ensure that we are pulling on the right strand together: For more customer satisfaction and more efficient pre-qualification of potential customers.

prefer to pick up the phone for complex service requests.

More reasons for strong inbound calls

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Inbound calls are particularly relevant as the caller makes contact for a specificreason that is important to him and herefore pursues a specific goal. A negative real-time service experience is one of the most common reasons for a brand/ company to be suddenly rejected. If, on the other hand, customers receive competent assistancefrom the very first moment, trust and satisfaction increase. For the commissioning company, outsourcing inbound calls to a well selected partner also has the advantage that the specialist departments or second level customer service are noticeably relieved.

Qualitative Telemarketing ensures qualified employees who are professionally involved and work on the project in the long term.

Inbound Calls with LeadEngine - your advantages

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How does inbound calls work with LeadEngine?

-Product training
-Strategy and guideline development
-Definition of goals and key performance indicators (KPIs)
-Interface definition
-Definition of communication and project coordination
The highly qualified LeadEngine telephony team takes care of your telephone customer inquiries. Professionalism in the implementation is ensured by our team leaders and continuously checked.
In regular reporting meetings, we assess the progress together with our customers on the basis of jointly defined KPIs.

Many companies are faced with the challenge of having to deal with too many customer inquiries by telephone or to compensate for insufficient workload with internal distribution of tasks. In both cases, the quality of customer service suffers. Where it is not expedient to hire specially qualified employees for in-house telephone service, the outsourcing of incoming calls offers a valuable alternative.

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