Landing Page

A landing page is a special page on your own website, which was created for a specific campaign and usually pursues the clear goal of generating leads. The use of call-to-actions is particularly important on a landing page and clearly in the foreground, usually the normal head and foot are hidden, so as not to create unnecessary distractions. The visitor only gets to this sub-page via links from advertising campaigns, which can be banners, email campaigns or social media posts, hence the name Landingpage – you only land there in a targeted manner. Normally this page type is not accessible via the normal menu navigation. Landing pages are often used for white paper downloads, sweepstakes or free product samples.

How do you define a landing page?

It’s designed specifically for the content of a campaign and optimized for conversion. To achieve this, the content must sufficiently satisfy the visitor’s needs. Landing pages are therefore very customer-oriented. Likewise, landing pages are very important for search engine optimization, as they deal exclusively with a topic.

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