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Lead generation services with LEAD ENGINE:

Our goal in lead generation is to fill your pipeline with qualified leads and maintain a consistent flow of equally valuable leads as you earn customers,driving sales and growth. With the right inbound marketing strategy and marketing programs we provide you with new prospects and new opportunities.

Analysis phase

initially our specialists, experienced in world-wide lead generation, perform an in-depth analysis of your business and current marketing position.

Strategy & Processes

Through our lead generation services, existing processes are checked, and optimization potential is identified. Based on this, we create a lead generation concept tailored specifically to your needs. A strategy for sustainable new customer generation is defined and the processes required to maintain and scale are laid out.


With our custom Profitability Calculator we verify how various work packages are amortized and after what time. With Lead Engine, you know what to expect, we prove ROI before each and every campaign.


With our lead generation services, we implement sub-projects in which our customers lack the expertise, time, or marketing resources to execute on their own, such as building a comprehensive and story-based database, streamlined search engine optimization, high-ROAS Google Ads campaigns, lead conversion rate optimization, deep and crawlable content marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, social media engagement-marketing and telemarketing


We’ve established world-class KPIs (key performance indicators) based on our collective 30+ years marketing experience across 90 unique global markets. We believe in analytics—above all else, it is our goal to prove our value and impact not only to our clients, but to ourselves. Lead Engine’s strategic marketers believe to be successful, data must be made transparent and measured; we make decisions based on facts, rather than opinions.

We see ourselves as a long-term partner. That is why we adapt the strategies and work packages to the needs and budgets of our clients. We promise flexible lead generation services, built on collabroative joint-work and proven success, instead of rigid, long-term contracts.

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Learn more about our lead generation services! Our initial individualized approaches was developed through the combined use of inbound marketing techniques and traditional methods of acquiring new customers through highly-measurable and cost-effective telephone acquisition.

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What is lead generation?

Lead generating is a sustainable and cross-departmental process

A good lead generation strategy aims to continuously generate relevant leads and subsequently, real sales opportunities. This symbiotic strategy involves several departments of the company (marketing, sales, service, customer service, and operations) and requires well-defined interfaces. Service level agreements (SLA) between departments describe what one department expects from the other and who is responsible for what in the breathe of a project.

Why lead generation services?

A Common focus and united front between marketing and sales

A constant supply of sales with sales opportunities is a basic prerequisite for making sales organizations successful and controllable. If all sales staff are provided with sufficient sales opportunities in approximately the same quality (through pre-qualification), sales employees can be compared and improved in a fairer and better way. If lead generation is not done by sales, but is done by marketing for sales, then salespeople can focus on where they are most valuable: closing the sale! This can be done through our lead generation services.

What is a lead?

A lead is a potential customer who is interested in a product / service of the company. He does this by leaving contact information or by agreeing to further contact. The expression of interest is done either proactively by the interested party (via contact form on the website, downloading content or subscribing to a newsletter) or by direct contact with the company, for example at a tradeshow or via telemarketing through lead generation services.
Process from Lead to customers

Qualified lead

A lead that has already been qualified by a company employee is often referred to as a Qualified Lead or Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). The difference to a raw lead is that you have already obtained deeper information about the lead.

The qualified lead becomes an opportunity

The next level is an opportunity, also called Opportunity or Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). This is the status in which a lead is usually passed to a sales representative. It makes sense for the lead to meet the following criteria which is assesed by our lead generation services:

The most important measures in lead generation services

Our top Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Secondary parameters to consider

What may a lead cost?

In our experience, a lead may cost between € 50 and € 400 depending on the industry and product or service. An opportunity costs between € 100 and € 2,000 depending on the conversion rate between lead and opportunity and depending on the industry.


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