Flexible lead generating

flexible online & offline marketing

SEO, Google ads, social media, content marketing, call center or email campaigns … Using a service provider for each focus increases the coordination effort enormously and leads to non-transparent structures and processes. The legitimate question arises as to the benefit of the individual measures. We take over the overall coordination and implementation for all areas of lead generation and focus on what is decisive for your company’s success: the result.

LeadEngine Flex is...


We start where you are and develop goal-oriented strategies - without rigid contracts, but focused on your actual needs.


Our goal is to generate qualified and relevant leads to help you achieve your business goals.


Marketing activities must lead (in)directly to a conversion. That's why ROI calculation and ongoing reportings with the customer are our top priorities.


We always have all key figures in view and optimize the campaigns continuously. This is the only way we can guarantee success for our customers.


SEO, Google ads, social media, content marketing or email campaigns - all automated and tailored to the customer journey? Yes!


We take an all-encompassing view of the respective market. Therefore, offline media, PR and telemarketing are as much part of our standard portfolio as the online world.

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Benefits with LeadEngine Flex

Sales Focused Marketing

Transparency and flexibility

How does LeadEngine Flex work?

Strategy and implementation

After defining the strategy and defining the ideal process, a pilot project is set up and the goals to be achieved defined. An implementation plan for the first 3-4 months will be developed.

Monthly reporting

The results are continuously integrated into the plan through the overall coordination and are coordinated with our customers during weekly or monthly reporting meetings. Written reporting records the results achieved, the tasks completed, the open tasks and the new recommendations.

Ongoing reporting

We work agile, which means that different procedures and activities are constantly being tested against each other. Finally, the most promising activities will be implemented on an ongoing basis, while non-performing activities will be stopadjustmentped immediately.

The biggest challenge in strategic lead generation is to provide sufficient and continuous highly qualified leads for the sales pipeline while not losing sight of ROI.


Mag. Dietmar Engler


That's why LeadEngine

LeadEngine Flex stands for flexible, resource-saving and demand-oriented lead generation, which is based on user behavior and measurable success. With LeadEngine Flex, you place individual or all areas of lead generation in a sales-oriented hand. We focus on where you stand and define needs-based strategies and processes. We analyze which measures, when, how and in what combination make sense for your company and implement them flexibly. Whether we are successful on the road, we measure regularly on previously defined key performance indicators, the key performance indicators (KPIs) and adapt the activities agile. Without rigid contracts and focused on your actual needs.

Profitability in view

We always focus on all KPIs and cost-effectiveness, because this is the only way we can jointly achieve our corporate goals with our customers.


We share all metrics in the regular reporting meetings with our clients. Based on this and the requirements of the customer, we then define the next steps.

Now it's up to you.

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