LinkedIn Marketing for Businesses

B2B lead generation with professional profiles and the right messaging on networking platforms

Engage with customers early and promote industry leadership

70% of B2B customers do not make contact with suppliers until the sales phase. Today’s challenge for sales and marketing is to creatively engage potential customers in earlier stages of the customer journey. One way to reach customers and prospects early is LinkedIn Marketing. Leveraging this professional networking platform can be a great tool for getting in front of potential customers as early as the research phase:

Entice prospects by highlighting your talent, expertise, and corporate news

Low-cost advertising opportunities with easy budget management

How to make LinkedIn marketing work for you

Expand your existing network

Place valuable, exciting content for your target audience

Make online sales calls

LinkedIn advertisements (ads) for additional reach

Find talents

Promote your culture and brand

Das bestehende Netzwerk erweitern, manuell oder automatisiert
Für Ihre Zielgruppe nützliche, spannende Inhalte platzieren
Online Verkaufsgespräch führen
LinkedIn Werbeanzeigen (Ads) für zusätzliche Reichweite
Talente finden
Fördern Sie Ihre Kultur und Marke

The Advantages of LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is one of the best ways to expand your network and engage with potential customers. The additional features of LinkedIn’s Marketing and Sales Solutions allow the modern salesperson to initiate audience segmentation and initiate contact digitally.

All it takes is a good understanding of the target audience’s pain points, relevant content, industry credibility, and digital communication skills.

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LinkedIn Marketing with LeadEngine

Working with us: Strategy – Implementation – Success measurement

Was kann LeadEngine für mich übernehmen und was liegt bei uns?

Ab dem Zeitpunkt der Kontaktannahme übernehmen Ihre MitarbeiterInnen das (Verkaufs)Gespräch auf ihrem persönlichen LinkedIn-Account. Selbstverständlich begleiten wir Sie auch in dieser Phase durch individuelles Vertriebscoaching, konkrete Textbausteine oder eine kanalübergreifende Content Planung und -Generierung.

Vertrieb und Marketing: LinkedIn Marketing braucht Social Selling

What can LeadEngine do for me, and what is up to us?

From the moment of contact acceptance, your employees take over the (sales) conversation on their personal LinkedIn account. Of course, we also support you in this phase with individual sales coaching, concrete text modules and/or cross-channel content planning and generation.


Sales and marketing: LinkedIn marketing requires social selling

Marketing and sales are closely related for successful LinkedIn marketing. Online sales conversations need to co-managed by sales and marketing in tandem to inbound marketing activities. We support your sales team in creating a light, but professional communication tone appropriate for the networking platform.

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