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A link is a reference to another page, which may be both on the same domain or on an external, foreign domain. These two types are called internal or external links. Both are important for search engine optimization. Good internal linking is an area of ​​onpage optimization. You should link your own subpages appropriately to guide the user to the destination. A link is usually set in a text, or optically upgraded as a button. In the best case, the linked text already describes what you can expect in terms of content on the new page.

External links are called backlinks

External links can be links from your own website to a foreign website or vice versa. For SEO, the link from external websites to your own is particularly interesting and important, this is also referred to as a backlink, so a link back to your own page. Roughly, one can say: the more external links point to your own website, the more important my content is classified, which in turn leads to a higher organic ranking. The decisive factor is not only the quantity of these external links, but also the quality.

Linkbuilding (also called link building)

Linkbuilding describes an activity that tries to get as many and high quality backlinks as possible. Link building is part of the offpage optimization.

There are several methods to get to such links:

  • You can even enter backlinks on your own page. For example in forums, directories, online platforms or comments. However, you should pay close attention to the quality of the page on which you place the link. A poorly rated site has a disadvantage for its own ranking. Likewise, this is a time-consuming process.
  • Linkkauf is widespread, but as soon as Google recognizes that, you will be massively punished. Google is clearly against such link agencies because they are not an honest recommendation.
  • Link exchange is also a way to get links. Two parties agree to link each other on the website. However, the Google policy prohibits those links that serve exclusively the backlink structure, in their policies. It is important that the linked pages show a connection.
  • The safest method is good content marketing with quality content. Because these are then automatically disseminated by readers, without having to invest additional time or money.

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