Marketing automation

Sales-focused marketing workflows for more leads

With Marketing Automation – also called marketing automation – you can address existing customers and new leads targeted 1: 1. It is a tool that accompanies the customer through the customer journey and provides personalized information. With a marketing automation tool such as hubspot, time-consuming marketing processes can be reproduced and run fully automatically. 

That can be marketing automation:

Email Marketing

Customer Journey

Smart Content

Social Media

Blog/Content Marketing

CRM Database Management

Sales; Marketing


Marketing Automation can do much more:

The most widespread area of application for marketing automation is the field of e-mail marketing or newsletters. The big difference to classic e-mail marketing is that completely personalized newsletters are sent to specific addresses at selected times.

Smart content

Marketing automation tools such as hubspot recognize whether the visitor has been on the page before and whether information about him has been stored. Based on this, this particular visitor will be displayed entirely targeted content (smart content) .


It can be used to plan and measure social media activities, publish blog posts and support them with ads, for example.


In addition, marketing automation allows you to maintain your CRM database in a clean and consistent way, completely automatically.

All activities are tracked and reporting is fully integrated into the sales pipeline. This ensures that all marketing measures are used in a targeted manner.

Marketing automation can do much more:

  • Send emails
  • Generate and segment leads
  • Publish content in a targeted manner
  • Post posts on social networks
  • Rate leads
  • Recognize and evaluate customers based on behavior
  • increase customer loyalty

In addition, with Marketing Automation you can maintain your CRM database completely automatically, cleanly and consistently.

Where could you use automated marketing workflows?

We develop customized marketing concepts that fuel your lead generation. From automated emails to personalized LinkedIn strategy to smart content elements on your website.

Example of an automated marketing workflow

Here’s a simple example of marketing automation. The workflow is set up once and starts automatically when the start trigger is triggered. There are no limits to the ideas.

First contact
For example, Mr. Maier becomes aware of the website XY via an advertisement or a social media posting and clicks on the link.

Since he has not had any contact with the website XY before, he is shown the standard content. Mr. Maier reads through the content and finds a page on which the trade fair appearance of company XY is advertised.
Event booking lead
He registers for a personal trade fair appointment. He can book this directly via a calendar tool and fills out the form with his name, e-mail address and telephone number. This activates the automation or the stored workflow.
The responsible sales employee receives all information about the appointment at the trade fair in his calendar. A data record is created for the user in CRM. This data record is assigned to a sales employee.
At the same time, the secretary is assigned a task in CRM: She is to call Mr. Maier and find out more about the company and his interests. This information is stored in CRM and the sales representative can prepare for the call. Mr. Maier is interested in the product "blue".
appointment confirmation
Mr. Maier immediately receives an appointment confirmation and the contact details of the sales representative sent by e-mail.

In this mail, he is also automatically sent links to the info PDF of the product category "blue".
1 week before the fair date
1 week before the agreed date at the trade fair, Mr. Maier receives the exact site plan of the trade fair stand by e-mail.
Fair date
The sales employee can see in the CRM exactly what information the secretary collected in the telephone call with Mr. Maier. He can also see which information material he downloaded from the appointment confirmation e-mail. This allows him to prepare perfectly for the personal appointment.

The biggest challenge in strategic lead generation is to provide sufficient and continuous highly qualified leads for the sales pipeline while not losing sight of ROI.

Mag. Dietmar Engler


The goal of Marketing Automation

The highest goal of a marketing automation is always to accompany the user on the basis of a defined customer journey and to lead him to the desired (purchase) conclusion. A key point is that you can use the metrics to identify who the customer is and when they are ready to be contacted.

Marketing Automation as a springboard for SMEs

With Marketing Automation, you can quickly and easily map complex workflows and processes without IT effort. This allows even smaller companies to handle a wide range of customers without having to deal with a large marketing department.

In a nutshell: The power of marketing automation enables SMEs to compete with much larger companies and gain market share.

Now it's up to you.

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