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Identify potentials, focus on the right measures and increase your inquiries.

Managing directors, marketing managers and sales managers have to cover the most diverse facets of marketing while optimally coordinating the individual measures. The challenge here is to react quickly and effectively to changes in marketing – especially the ones in digital marketing. This can be achieved with know-how and complementary manpower from an experienced partner in marketing consulting and implementation. Our team has decades of experience from national and international marketing consulting and lead generation projects – B2B and B2C.

Identify potential set screws for more inquiries

Find the right processes for lead generation

Let’s turn theory into practice, i.e.: implement processes, get employees on board and take action

Marketing consulting and implementation. We are strong in both.

The strategic approach is followed immediately and without delay by the implementation of the individual instruments: from inbound and performance marketing to telemarketing. Marketing consulting doesn’t take place only at the beginning of the project, we also accompany and advise our customers continuously in monthly meetings, adjust measures again and again and react quickly to changes. In doing so, we never lose sight of the agreed goals and our strategic bracket. 

Marketing consulting with LeadEngine: Your advantages

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Marketing consulting and implementation from a sales-oriented source.

This is how we do it

Good marketing consulting brings quick wins and increases performance in the long term.

1. Potential analysis - basis for marketing consulting

Within the scope of a potential analysis, our marketing consultant determines the current situation and defines key performance indicators. Based on this, a holistic and individual strategy is created. The result after only two weeks: an implementation plan that defines the steps from process optimization to the implementation of individual marketing measures. 

2. Analysis of persona and customer journey

In the course of marketing consulting, persona profiles and their buyer journeys (customer journeys) are analyzed and, if not available, jointly developed. These profiles provide information about:

– How your customers and prospects tick

– Which channels (online and offline) your personas use, and

– with which content and measures you can reach them.

By precisely defining the buyer journey, the right messages, information and assistance are placed in exactly those channels that are really relevant for your customers.

3. Implementation of processes and marketing measures

In the pilot phase, we start with online and offline measures first. We set up processes for data collection and analysis and implement initial quick wins. The goal of this phase is to set up the activities and processes defined in the implementation plan and to measure the success on the basis of the most important indicators (KPI’s) for lead generation to track continuously. The individual measures can be flexibly adapted in the implementation and changed at any time. More about flexible lead generation with LeadEngine Flex.

That's why LeadEngine

Marketing consulting with a strong sales focus

Our customers’ sales organizations are involved in the projects right from the start. This enables marketing and sales to be more closely interlinked.

The concepts developed are implemented by our internal employees. Our customers benefit from the active networking of the individual marketing activities.

Our marketing consultant manages online and offline measures, with the aim of achieving the greatest possible benefit for our customers.

As part of the Sales Performance Group, we take a holistic and sales-focused view of our projects.

Within the scope of marketing consulting by LeadEngine, we think holistically and sales-focused. Short-term quick wins happen quickly and long-term processes are established that sustainably strengthen the performance of our customers.


Mag. Dietmar Engler


Flexible implementation with LeadEngine

LeadEngine supports companies with marketing consulting and marketing services. Our goal is to optimize processes and generate more leads – in other words, generating  more relevant and measurable customer inquiries – in the long term. A mix of measures tailored to the company’s goals is implemented online and offline by our marketing experts and adjusted on an agile monthly basis.

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