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More customer inquiries through strong multichannel online marketing.

We ensure more qualified leads for your sales.

Every successful company uses online marketing. A clear focus on the goals set is crucial for success. Our online marketing team is strong in advice and implementation. We make sure that your request level increases and that digital investments are really worth your while.

Sales-focused online marketing from concept to craft

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We help you to make your online marketing profitable.

The planning and implementation of online marketing activities requires a high degree of flexibility. Because by collecting and evaluating user data, we have the opportunity to continuously check content and formats along the customer journey. The results of this person-related and flexible thinking, are resource-saving measures. Resource-saving because they are accurate.

Birgit Kocher
Consulting & strategy, digital

Online Marketing Services

Take new digital paths, gain contacts and turn them into relevant leads for your sales. We help you with powerful online marketing.

Web analysis

Without analytics, all online marketing efforts are nothing more than a best guess. The strategic definition of the right key performance indicators and their application provide suitable tracking and analysis tools to ensure that our measures are implemented in a targeted manner and become continuously optimized. 

Marketing consulting

Online marketing services can be managed well when web strategy, concept and implementation go hand in hand. Instead of rigid plans and contracts, we rely on transparency: Our customers have full access to their accounts (Google, social media …). This enables us to react quickly to digital and economic changes. Marketing consulting with LeadEngine

Inbound Marketing Service

Inbound describes all online marketing activities that turn strangers into visitors, visitors into leads, leads into customers and customers into promoters. It includes search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, email and social media marketing. In contrast to traditional advertising, inbound measures are based on the interest and behavior of potential customers. More about inbound marketing.

Performance Marketing (SEA)

With paid campaigns, it is possible to address relevant target groups on Google (Google Ads, Display Ads) or in social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) and generate high-quality leads / sales.With the right combination of different channels (multichannel online marketing), performance marketing can make a decisive contribution to effective lead generation.

Online marketing with LeadEngine

There are many online marketing agencies. What do we do differently?

360 degree viewing

We have all the experts for advice and implementation under one roof. This enables a focused approach and promotes the transfer of know-how.

We complement your online marketing flexibly

We work closely with the internal marketing and sales structures of our customers. We complement this with know-how in consulting and flexible manpower in implementation.

Online and offline from a single source

Your customers are active online and can also be reached through traditional formats. Online marketing, public relations, telephone acquisition and service go hand in hand at best. We offer support in all of these areas.

Bring potential customers earlier in the sales cycle

Current reports and sales experiences of our customers confirm: 90% of buyers in B2B do research online before they get in touch with a sales representative to get more information or to obtain an offer. This means that the question of which messages and assistance potential that interested parties need in their online research, is of absolute relevance.

By properly aligning their online marketing activities, sales organizations have the chance to get into the buying cycle of potential customers earlier and thus increase their chances of closing deals.

How? Through a detailed analysis of the customer journey. This enables content planning (text, image or video) that is precisely tailored to customer needs: constant, uniform and unconditionally tailored to the needs of your prospective customers.

Online marketing and sales are moving closer together and working together on one

We take care of your online marketing.

You too can join your sales team in the sales cycle where your customers are.

With an integrated online-offline campaign to success

In order to be able to carry out a multichannel campaign cost-effectively and at short notice, a clear focus on the goals set is necessary. This results in the right combination of online marketing measures with classic channels.

Even in the current context, we generate relevant appointments for online sales talks for customers in the B2B area. The coordinated use of LinkedIn marketing, newsletters, Google and social ads, as well as telephone marketing, increases the success rate considerably.

What our customers say

"As a film production and 3D studio, we don't meet our customers casually on the street, but need a professional approach to the right contact person. With LeadEngine, we have found a partner who empathizes with our subject matter and with our customers. The team takes a structured and individualized approach at the same time."
Nina Hamberger
Producer Teufelswerk Film GmbH&Co.KG

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