Social Media Advertising

Generate more qualified leads, clearly defined content, and targeted placement.

Social Media Advertising is an important marketing component in lead generation

Paid advertising activities on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and/or LinkedIn are a very effective marketing tool. With the right activities and the craftsmanship, we ensure that potential customers become aware of your company and your products on platforms they engage and interact with.

Benefits of Social Media Advertising:

Social media advertising works best in conjunction with rich and diverse content marketing; good content is valuable to consumers and to Google, and in the best case, it can trigger an action of prospective customers.

Convince your potential customers with precise, beneficial messaging on social media channels

Address your customers online in a targeted and direct manner.

What is the Difference between Social Media Advertising and Social Media Marketing?

Social media advertising includes all paid actions placed on social media. These can be boosted posts or ads that you place in return for payment. The term social media marketing covers all unpaid activities on social media channels. Examples include posting articles and information and interacting with followers via comment functionality.

For a long time, social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, were not a classical tool in B2B. But that’s changed. These platforms are now exciting and effective B2B marketing channels. Millenials, the generation that invented social media, are now the co-decision-makers in companies or in-house “influencers”; ideal targets for your products and services.

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Why you should use Social Media Advertising


Discover out of millions of users, who exactly those are who will be interested in your offerings. Target group profiling enables clear differentiation of buyer personas by demographics, interests, income, and interests.

Cost control

A small budget can go a long way on social platforms. The lower costs at the beginning allow you to test, evaluate and optimize different campaigns. Extensive cost transparency lets you control your budget without the risk of overspending. Social media advertising can, and should be used by all companies, regardless of size or budget constraints.

Measuring success

Analytic tools can be used to precisely measure success in social media advertising; creating a benchmark, and the opportunity for ongoing ad optimization.


With remarketing, you move potential contacts and leads you’ve acquired further toward closure with deeper, more refined content. What starts with tracking (recording user interactions) leads to success with well-thought-out campaigns.


Global and regional targeting of campaigns is easily attainable. You can adapt ads to the target market you have defined.


Anhand von Tools lässt sich der Erfolg im Social Media Advertising präzise messen. Dies ist die Basis für eine laufende Anzeigenoptimierung.


Filtern Sie aus Millionen von Nutzern exakt jene heraus, die sich für Ihr Angebot interessieren. Das Zielgruppen-Targeting ermöglicht eine klare Abgrenzung nach Demografie, Interessen und Lookalikes.


Mit einem kleinen Budget sind Sie bereits dabei. Durch die eingangs niedrigeren Kosten können Sie verschiedene Kampagnen austesten, evaluieren und optimieren. Umfängliche Kostentransparenz lässt Sie das Budget gut steuern. Social Media Advertising ist demnach für jede Unternehmensgröße nutzbar.


Anhand von Tools lässt sich der Erfolg im Social Media Advertising präzise messen. Dies ist die Basis für eine laufende Anzeigenoptimierung.


Mit Remarketing bringen Sie potenzielle Kontakte und bereits gewonnene Leads weiter in Richtung Abschluss. Was mit dem Tracking (Erfassung von Nutzerinteraktionen) beginnt, führt mit durchdachten Kampagnen zum Erfolg.


Die globale und regionale Aussteuerung der Kampagnen ist gut machbar. Anzeigen können Sie relativ einfach an den Zielmarkt anpassen, den Sie selbst bestimmt haben.

Social Media Advertising with LeadEngine

We increase the visibility of your company and generate leads with social media advertising. Talk to us about your goals, suitable content, right placement options, suitable ad formats, and optimal targeting.

What does the process look like in Social Media Advertising?

Kick-off & vision

In a joint kick-off meeting, we assess the current situation of existing social media activities. Then, we establish goals and opportunities. The more precisely defined the goals, the easier it is to plan your budget.


We identify and define target groups for your campaigns and select the most promising channels.

Content & Creatives

In coordination with content planning, we define topic areas and determine which web pages and content should be advertised. Graphic design and ad layout is created based on your brand guidelines and corporate identity.

Go Live, Evaluation & Optimization

After the ads are placed, ongoing tracking and optimization begins. User behavior will determine which ads to boost and promote. Our goal is to achieve quick wins for our customers and to get the most out of social media ads long-term.

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