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Search engines like Google are used by billions of people every day to find information about specific topics, products, services, or companies. If your Google ad appears high up in the search results for a specific term (keyword), more users will click and be directed to your site. We support you in Google advertising with a clear concept and focus on the essential: the deal.

Professional Google advertising – from the idea to the implementation

Mehr Umsatz durch Google Ads?
Wir wissen, wie Sie Google Werbung für Ihre Leadgenerierung nutzen.

Benefits of Google advertising

measurable success

Precise interaction tracking with placed ads makes it possible to measure the success of each ad and optimize them on an ongoing basis. The cost per lead and your return on ad spend (ROAS) are calculated, and the ads are aligned according to your set goals.

Targeting - relevant target groups

We find the right keywords to bring as many relevant visitors as possible to your website. By setting the appropriate keywords, we generate only relevant traffic for you on your website.

Full control over costs

Costs are incurred when potential customers click on your ad. Through accurate tracking, the ideal target group is identified more and more precisely, and the budget can be further refined.


Campaign management

A good search engine marketing strategy includes testing different campaigns and ads, comparing the results. Your searchers, decide which ad works better, which can be measured by each ad’s ROAS.

How we use Google advertising for lead generation

Search engine advertising is one of the most important tools for reaching potential customers online. For lead generation, it works best together with other online marketing disciplines. Using Google advertising as part of a holistic lead generation strategy, we can achieve rapid and sustainable success. How? By turning clicked ads into leads and customers. This requires optimal coordination between the Google Ads team and the surrounding online marketing disciplines (content, SEO). We have all the experts under one roof and ensure that your Google ads generate more leads in the long term.

Keywords: analysis and strategy

First, we analyze the structure of your website. For each page we define relevant terms and term fields, check how often they are searched for and how high the competition is. Next, we create a keyword strategy. Then, we define which keywords to target and the set budget for each ad.

Ads: create and optimize

Google advertising is the most important tool to invest in to become visible to potential customers. After creating and setting up the ads, the SEA process continues. Ongoing optimization measures, such as constant keyword maintenance, adjusting bidding strategies, and setting up remarketing campaigns, are all part of professional Google advertising for us.

Costs for Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

The cost of Google advertising depends on various factors:

We will advise you on the determination of your budget and the ongoing adjustments.

Wir unterstützen Sie, Ihr Budget für Google Werbung sinnvoll zu investieren
Setzen Sie auf die richtigen Keywords.

Google advertising – what is it?

SEA or search engine advertising is paid advertising displayed across search engines such as Google or Bing. An ad for your company is placed when people search for relevant search terms (keywords) or if the person searching belongs to the target group. These ads, also marked as such, appear at the beginning or at the end of the results pages. In between, the organic search results are displayed.

How do Google Ads work?

About 95% of all search queries are made with Google. For this reason, the “Google Ads” tool offered by Google is the most relevant tool for paid search advertising.

Search engine optimization vs. Google advertising

When searching for a specific keyword, search engines output organic search results. These are free links to websites whose content is directly related to the user’s search query. Search engine optimization refers to this effective long-term method of appearing high in search results without spending budget on Google advertising.

LeadEngine is an officially certified partner by Google

The partner certificate ensures that a company has competencies in the certified areas and has already proven them to customers.


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