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About 95% of all searches are done with Google. That’s why the Google Ads tool is the most relevant tool for paid search advertising. In addition to the Google Ads, we also like to look after your ads on Bing for you.

Search engine advertising is one of the most measurable and controllable lead generation activities. However, here are some important factors to consider. We’re here to help you invest your advertising money, focus on the right keywords and improve your performance marketing.

Benefits of performance marketing


By accurately tracking the interactions with the ads displayed, it is possible to measure the success of each ad and to continually optimize it. Thus, the costs per lead and your return on investment can be calculated exactly and the ads can be aligned accordingly. This will lead to boosting your performance marketing as well.


We'll find the right keywords for you to get as many relevant visitors to your website as possible. By setting the keywords that are right for you, we generate only relevant traffic to your website and increase your performance marketing.


Through accurate tracking, the ideal target group is being described more and more accurately and the budget can be even better aligned with this target group. The costs are also precisely controllable, since the ads can be paused and reactivated at any time or the maximum budget can be adjusted.


A good search engine marketing strategy should not miss testing different campaigns and ads and comparing the results. So, in the end, the searchers decide which ad works better and you are not dependent on opinions and internal estimates.

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What is SEA anyway?

SEA or search engine advertising are paid ads that are played on search engines like Google or Bing. It shows ads for your business looking for relevant keywords. In order to achieve the greatest possible success and boost your performance marketing, a number of optimization measures must be taken on an ongoing basis.

SEA - Suchmaschinenwerbung mit GoogleAds, Keyword Planner

Keyword Analysis and Keyword Strategy

In the first step, we analyze the structure of your website. For each page we define relevant terms and conceptual fields. Using these terms or keywords, we check how often they are searched for and how high the competition is.

Costs for SEA

The cost of search engine advertising depends on several factors. These consist of the competition for the keyword, the positioning of the keyword, the quality factor of an ad and other elements.

Quality Score is again determined by CTR, ad relevance, and the user experience with your website.

The desired budget can be set per campaign. From this we try to get as many relevant clicks as possible and to create conversions or leads in the next step.

SEA - Suchmaschinenwerbung mit GoogleAds, Qualitätsfaktor
SEA - Suchmaschinenwerbung mit GoogleAds, Anzeige in Suchergebnissen

Advertisment creation and optimization

The keywords you define will be used to create different ads that appear when you search for a keyword.

With search engine advertising, a deficit in organic rankings can be made up and a place on the first page of search results can be bought at the paid ads. However, to ensure the greatest possible success, optimization measures must be carried out on an ongoing basis. These include the constant maintenance of the keywords, the ongoing optimization of the ads, the adaptation of the bid strategies and also eg. Setting up remarketing campaigns.

A long-term effective method that does not have to spend money on Google is search engine optimization.

We are Google Partners

LeadEngine is a Google officially certified partner. The partner certificate can ensure that a company has competencies in the certified areas and has already demonstrated this to customers.


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