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machine optimization SEO – OnPage – Offpage Search engine optimization, abbreviated SEO, is one of the two main components of so-called search engine marketing. SEO describes actions that cause websites and their subpages to appear in the top Google search results. A good ranking in the search results has the advantage that more people click on the result and therefore a so-called organic traffic is generated on the own website. An efficient search engine optimization is based on a keyword search. This means that you analyze the search terms that are entered into Google and then define a suitable keyword for your own website and the important subpages.

In contrast to the second part of search engine marketing, the search engine advertising, the success of SEO is usually delayed, so you need a bit of patience before results are visible. However, these measures are not associated with ongoing monetary use, as in search engine advertising.

Search engine optimization is roughly divided into two parts, namely on-page optimization and off-page optimization:

OnPage optimization

This refers to any adjustments to the content of a website. The texts and contents as well as the pictures are the essential elements. All subpages and images need matched metadata to show the search engines what this page is about. This metadata should refer to the keyword defined in the keyword analysis and should always include this, even in a modified form. The content, also called content, must be well structured and legible. It should also be paid attention to the text-to-image ratio.

Also a technically correct basis should be present, the loading speed appropriate and the picture data not too big. The website should have no errors in the code or even broken links.

All of these factors influence the placement of Google results to some extent.

OffPage optimization

These are optimizations that take place away from your own website. Linkbuilding is one of the big points. This is understood as the construction of high-quality links from external sites to their own. Even so-called “Social Signs” are among the off-page measures. It analyzes how often users interact, like, share, or comment on posts. This also influences the ranking of the website.

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