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For most people, searching for a product or service starts with research on the Internet. Much of the buying process takes place online before there is even personal contact between the buyer and the seller. This makes it even more important for companies to optimize their website for search engines in order to be as far ahead of the search engine as possible. To achieve this, google search engine optimization is crucial.

On-page optimization

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Content is king. Google now sees it that way. In Google Search Engine Optimization, you can not avoid writing good content that adds value to users.

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Title and Meta Descriptions

Although these are not visible to the user, but the description of the images and the pages are recognized by the search engines and included in the evaluation.

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Search engine optimized website structure

Every important topic should have its own page. Related topics should also be summarized in the navigation.

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Secure transmission

Through an SSL certificate can be encrypted using HTTPS between user and server. For search engines, this factor has a positive effect.

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Keyword-optimized texts

In order to appear on the most relevant keywords in the search results of the search engines, these words should also appear in the texts on the website. This is important for google search engine optimization.

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User friendly URLs

The ease of use of a page includes a simple, clear URL with the relevant terms. This is to help the user to find his way around and is a way to place keywords.

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Fast loading times

For search engines, this factor is becoming increasingly important. One reason for this is that an increasing proportion of the search volume comes from mobile devices.

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And further measures

In addition to these measures, there are a number of other optimization options. Google and Co change their algorithm again and again and thereby change the necessary measures.

Off-page optimization

Off-page measures are taken outside of the own website. This is mainly about link building, so to get links from other relevant websites. Social media is also part of the off-page optimization, because even so-called “social signals” are considered by search engines as a positive factor for the ranking. A distinction is made between quantitative and qualitative factors.

Qualitative factors

One factor that makes your website look more prominent in Google Search is the number of links pointing to your page. Google’s algorithm rates a page that is often linked higher than a page that does not receive links from other pages. However, Google views unnatural link building as a Google policy violation. There are still some methods to get backlinks. However, the basis should always be good content with added value for the user on your side.

Qualitative factors

However, Google not only includes quantitative factors in the calculation, but also qualitative. This includes, for example, the authority, ie the importance of a domain referring to your website. So if you have good websites, Google thinks that yours must be relevant too. Other factors such as topic relevance, link text or link position also play a role here in google search engine optimzation.

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