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How do you gain customers for your business with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn & Co? The answer to this question is best answered in the following way: With the right strategy, careful planning and ongoing support of all communication processes for your social media marketing strategies.. Once the processes are properly implemented, let your content speak for themselves online, increase brand awareness, get more leads and long-term customers. We support you in the planning and implementation of your individual social media strategy, from the creation of content to the ongoing evaluation and support of your channels.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing as part of the inbound marketing strategy goes beyond the occasional post. It’s a long-term investment in quality content that companies provide to potential prospects and customers on social platforms. This content must be carefully planned, tailored to the target audience, continuously created and distributed.

Why social media marketing?

Social media marketing increases brand awareness and image. When sales are involved, goals such as “higher sales” or “more relevant queries” become superficial. After all, every company wants to sell products or services and increase sales. Social media marketing is a cost-effective way to generate leads, attract customers and maintain customer relationships.

Social Media Marketing vs. Social Media Advertising

There are basically two ways to be active in social networks: promotional or informative.

Social media marketing as inbound activity means not distributing promotional content, but providing knowledge to the social media user for free. For example, it can be a tutorial that explains what you need to know about your area. Blog articles are also easy to distribute via Facebook. The advantage: You only have to invest in the creation of content, but not in its distribution.

Social media advertising means placing paid ads and advertising on social networks. This method has the advantage that targeting makes the measure more relevant, since the ad only reaches those users who fit into the previously defined schema. The cost of social ads varies depending on the platform and preference.

The best results are achieved by combining both options.

Social Media Marketing with LeadEngine


At the beginning an actual analysis of the existing social media appearances will be carried out and the future strategy as well as long-term goals will be determined.

Editorial planning

An elaborate content plan is the basis for your social media communication. Relevant topics are worked out and defined with each other, who shares which contents on which channel.

Target definition & target group identification

In the process, it is jointly defined which target group can be reached via which channel.

Content creation and implementation

We create content. Coordinated with your brand, message and target group, we create exciting content that needs to be read and shared.

Channel selection

Not all channels are equally suitable for the respective target groups. Together, we select the channels that are the most promising to achieve the best results for your social media marketing.

Evaluation and optimization

The ongoing evaluation of the results of our activities ensures that we are constantly taking the right steps. This allows us to draw the right conclusions and to adapt measures on an ongoing basis.

Are you interested in our Social Media Marketing?


The employer brand is becoming more and more important. If you want to win the War of Talents, you should be on the Career Platform with your company to find the best people.


The video platform offers very good advertising opportunities for companies. More and more online searches are starting on YouTube.


This platform has become a must for successful companies. This is not just about creating a fan page, but Facebook also offers a variety of advertising opportunities and features for companies that we like to use for you profitably.


Ever since Instagram has been linked to Facebook, this platform has also become very important in social media marketing. Again, there are advertising opportunities for companies that are quite interesting for certain industries.

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