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Even though call center call cold calling has given telemarketing a bad reputation, it still remains a key discipline for direct customer marketing in direct marketing.

In integrated campaigns with email marketing, online marketing, but also direct mailings, outbound calls brings a significant part of the conversions. Let us convince you of the quality of our access. We are not a classic call center, but convince by quality at high quantity.


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The LeadEngine services in telephone marketing:

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Data cleansing

Many companies have a database at the beginning of the collaboration, but this is often outdated, lacking contacts and other important information. LeadEngine helps you research and complete this data as far as possible and allowed.

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Contact finding

For other customers, the target customers are identified but the right people are missing. Again, we can provide support and start a contact research for the outbound calls.

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Qualification of customer inquiries

The probability of a customer request via web form or e-mail with the prospective meaningful to talk about his challenge drops dramatically within a day. In many companies, sales are unable to qualify within one working day due to high capacity utilization. That's why we also offer this service of outbound calls.

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Design of outbound calls guides

At the beginning of all projects, a workshop is mandatory in which the guide for telephony, including the elevator pitch and the correct questioning technique, is developed jointly for the outbound calls.

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Follow up on email campaigns

Telemarketing can be a decisive conversion driver for email campaigns or for marketing automation.

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Generation of appointments

Ultimately, most telemarketing projects are about generating appointments for the sales force through outbound calls. Of course, how many deadlines are to be generated in which quality, and when, for which sales representatives, is decisive.

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Trainings "Behavior on the phone"

If you yourself have phone resources that you want to optimize and further educate. We have the right people and methods on board.


The ROI through the outsourcing of telemarketing is significantly higher than that through a non-targeted scatter advertising via print ad, TV, radio advertising or letter mail.

Litter advertising reaches 0.1 – 1.0% of potential customers, the telephone contact rate is many times higher.

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