Outbound calls

Provide your sales team with the right contacts.

We support you in achieving your sales targets.

We use telemarketing to generate customer appointments for your sales representatives. Appointment generation is time-consuming. It often takes several calls to get the right decision makers on the phone. In addition, the right words are needed to convince them of the importance of a personal meeting. You are welcome to leave this task to the telephone professionals. Your sales reps are best off focusing on their sales goals and clearly placing their focus on closing the deal with the customer. In this way, the two areas of marketing and sales find an ideal interplay. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Advantages of direct customer contact

The classic call for personal customer contact is still justified in direct marketing. Direct customer contact offers the following advantages:
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Plan appointment generation correctly

It is best to define the exact goal, i.e. the type of appointment, in advance of the telemarketing project:

Appointments are coordinated by contacting the customer by phone, open questions are clarified and passed on to the sales department. Such measures increase conversion (conversion from prospect to qualified sales lead), which in turn increases employee satisfaction in the field. Time-consuming acquisition and qualification of contacts are eliminated. The result: Your sales reps focus on their core business and only attend appointments that offer higher opportunities. This makes their performance more measurable and their success rate more transparent. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

The LeadEngine services in telemarketing

Drafting guides for telephony

At the beginning of a project, we jointly develop a guideline for telephony including elevator pitch and the right questioning technique.

Data cleansing & contact determination

Many companies work with an outdated and incomplete database. Contact persons and important information are missing. LeadEngine researches and completes this data for you as far as possible.

Date generation

The goal of many projects is to generate appointments for the sales force. The decisive factor is how many appointments of what quality are to be generated by when for which sales force member. A key figure that is precisely defined.

Follow up email campaigns

Telemarketing can be a key conversion driver for email campaigns or as part of marketing automation. After sending emails, people follow up by phone - this in turn offers the opportunity to generate appointments.

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