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For most people, the search for a product or service begins with research on the internet. 77 % of buyers only talk to sellers after they inform themselves – primarily online. For most companies, this means that their products and services need to easily be found online.

What are the benefits of strategic SEO?

If you want to achieve the following benefits, you should focus on the right keywords, good content, a clear structure, and a fast page load rate, in addition technically correct implementation of your website:

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What does a good website need in terms of SEO?

Search engine optimization is done on your website (OnPage) and off your website (OffPage)

OnPage optimization

OnPage optimization refers to all technical, content, and structural aspects of a website. Strategic goals include fast loading times, technical perfection, and unique, group-specific content focused on clicks and conversions.

OffPage optimization

OffPage optimization is paired with OnPage optimization and is an essential part of search engine optimization (SEO). An important OffPage optimization strategy is qualitative link building. The number of beneficial backlinks makes your website appear further up in the Google search. With good, frequent links, Google’s algorithm ranks the website higher, but punishes artificial link building.

We support our clients to implement SEO professionally

We use many levers when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO):