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In the complex, digital world, it is important to be present and helpful.

With targeted online marketing, we take steps to ensure that prospects proactively find you, existing leads become customers, and customers become promoters.

Cycle of inbound marketing

4. Excite

Customers are influencing new potential customers, which is why it is important to continue to build customer relationships after the deal is completed. Surveys, social media monitoring and ongoing relevant newsletter activities can be used.

3. Complete

The lead is qualified by the marketing team and then taken care of by the sales team. CRM, workflows and email marketing are the tools at this stage.

From the unknown to the promoter

1. Attract

Unknown (= potential new customers) are attracted by matching content on websites, through blog entries and social media publishing. The right content and keywords play an important role here.

2. Convert

Special landing pages, forms and call-to-actions allow site visitors to send a contact request to the company. This turns the visitor into a lead.

Inbound Marketing service with LeadEngine

With our customers, we move along the buyer journey of potential and existing customers. Through our inbound marketing service, we advise sales-focused, plan joint measures and implement them flexibly. The long-term goal is to generate more quality leads and reduce the cost per lead. But we also take on individual sub-areas of online marketing for you if you want to flexibly expand your resources. In contrast to traditional marketing, in which many methods are not geared towards the target group (classic advertising), inbound marketing is geared towards ensuring that the search for potential customers is successful.


What is an Inbound Marketing service?

Inbound marketing is a method that defines the entire communication process between companies and customers, whereby the direction of communication is different than with conventional advertising measures. In so-called outbound methods, products or services are actively advertised without taking into account the actual interaction behavior and interest of the customer with their own brand. Inbound marketing, on the other hand, conveys competence and relevance through the right content at the right point in the customer journey of the prospective customer and later customer. By anticipating and responding to your prospect’s latent questions, they are found without being loud. If interest has been expressed and contact has been made, all further steps must be taken in order to turn a lead into a satisfied customer and loyal reporter. And all this taking into account the laws of the search engine universe.

Service areas in inbound marketing

Marketing automation

With marketing automation you can target existing customers and new leads 1:1; It is a tool that accompanies the customer through the customer journey and provides them with personalized information.

SEO - search engine optimization

Search engine optimization ensures more organic traffic and thus increases the chances of contact inquiries. Find out how LeadEngine can support you here.

SEA - Online advertisments

Google Ads, Bing Ads & Co. What matters is targeted tracking and analysis of data, creating country- and audience-specific ads, the right keywords, and the ongoing monitoring and adjustment to your budget.

Social Media Marketing

Communicate your content. Good content is widely used and shared and liked on social networks - including B2B. This increases traffic to your website and boosts confidence in your brand.

Content Marketing

Adding value is the ultimate goal of any good content marketing strategy. We support you in the development and editorial realization of a sustainable content marketing strategy.

E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing instruments and continuously offers new possibilities that go beyond the classic customer service.

Inbound Telefony

Strong customer service is the basis for sustainable customer satisfaction. Our telephony team takes over your incoming calls as required and ensures a professional customer approach.

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