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"As customers learn more and more online, it's up to marketing & sales to teach together"


Almost all products and services are searched for on the Internet. With inbound marketing, you respond to the shift from the classic sales conversation to digital self-education.

Inbound marketing is a business methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them. While outbound marketing interrupts your audience with content they don’t always want, inbound marketing forms connections they are looking for and solves problems they already have.

77% of B2B buyers don’t talk to a seller until they’ve done their own research.
Marketing and sales should respond to this need and curiousity for information with relevant, digestible, and valuable content in an easy format. Companies that inform potential customers from the beginning (i.e., with online content) are relevant to both customers and search engines. The result of well-developed marketing content is visibility and positive influence on your prospects’ decision-making. Inbound marketing doesn’t rely on persuasion, but on providing informative and knowledgeable content that is helpful and educational. Being positioned as a resource positions you as an expert and gives you a clear edge over the competition and allows your brand to begin building a relationship with prospects and potential customers.
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Actively shaping the customer journey with valuable content provides for

higher visibility in search engines

increased lead volume, improved lead quality and closing rate

and the ability to develop long-term valuable customer relationships

Why Inbound Marketing

Potential customers can embark on the Customer Journey and start the marketing funnel at their own pace and on their own terms with a simple Google search. In the time before the wide-spread use of the internet and the world’s unlimited supply of open data, salespeople would have to hit the pavement, knock on doors, scan the phonebook, and dial for dollars to drum up quality leads—a process that grueling, time consuming, difficult to scale, and expensive for business owners.

What influence does sales have on the customer's decision-making process?

Thanks to all the possibilities of digital self-research, decisions for or against a product/service are already made before any contact between potential customer and company occur. – i.e., directly during the research phase. According to Google research, as much as 57% of the buying process is already complete before any direct interaction takes place between the potential customer and the company (a sales representative). Source:

Bringing sales back to the customer

The inbound marketing method – properly implemented – ensures that sales regain more influence on the decision-making process.

The solution:

  • A persona-centric approach to digital strategy.

  • Valuable content that optimally supports potential customers in their own research.

  • A bundling of the forces of sales and marketing from the first phase.

Let's talk about your opportunities through inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing as a lead generation tool

Good inbound marketing makes sales more successful. It frees it from the sole principle of random acquisition and leads to a greater added value: to address exactly those people who are relevant for business success. These are either already active or latently looking for a solution that your company can offer but won’t be found without inbound marketing measures. Especially for products and services with a higher need for explanation, inbound marketing can give lead generation a new boost and potential higher average margins and perceived value compounds for the customer.

Critical foundation: buyer personas and customer journey

Buyer personas are fictitious images of typical customers. They are created based on data and experience and are more differentiated than target groups. Each persona passes through various touchpoints with the company in the individual phases. Content and formats for the content strategy can be derived from this fictitious customer journey. This crucial practice and tool helps your company anticipate the behaviors, questions, and needs of potential customers, fully understand the different needs and nuances of different audience segments, and deeply understand the psychology that motivates each type of buyer.

When done correctly, every touchpoint is important and unique for every persona and not every measure produces evolves in the same way. The selection of focal points and measured milestones along the customer journey should always be based on the goals of your lead generation strategy.


Inbound marketing measures can be:

  • Generation of relevant content for the target personas
  • User experience on all channels
  • Appealing landing pages
  • SEO-optimized website
  • Free consumable content (blog articles, social media)
  • Call-to-actions, forms
  • Content downloads such as whitepapers or data sheets against e-mail address

Does inbound marketing make companies more successful?

Inbound marketing is the opportunity to decisively increase the influence on the purchase decision of potential customers.

With valuable and well-prepared information, companies contribute to finding solutions for their relevant personas. This not only increases traffic, but also leads to a sustainable increase in conversions (leads), as well as the closing rate in sales.

Cycle of inbound marketing

Inbound marketing can be applied at all stages of the customer journey.

4. Customers and promoters

Customers influence new potential customers. This is precisely why it is important to extend the connection with the customer even after the purchase has been completed. Surveys, social media monitoring and ongoing relevant newsletter activities can be used for this.


3. Leads

The lead is qualified by the marketing team and managed by the sales team in the next step. CRM, workflows, and email marketing are the tools in this phase.


1. Unknown

Unknowns (= potential new customers) are attracted by suitable content on websites, blog entries and through social media publishing. The right content and keywords play an important role here.

2. Visitors

Special landing pages, forms and call-to-actions enable the website visitor to send the company a contact request. This turns the visitor into a lead.

Let's talk about your opportunities through inbound marketing.

Say ‘good-bye’ to advertising pressure. Inbound marketing relies on self-selection

Inbound marketing is a digital marketing and sales process that puts the user at the center. Unlike those campaigns that aim to reach as many people as possible, this one focuses on high-quality content that prospects find during their self-directed research. With the inbound marketing method, you find a sustainable and customer-oriented way to get the attention of your target audience. You focus on analyzing your buyer personas and their buyer journey. This will enable you to create content that is tailored to the exact interests and needs of your target audience. This can be landing pages, blog articles, video content or social media posts. But also, ads that are only displayed to those users who are interested in a certain topic work on the principle of voluntariness instead of advertising pressure.

The advantages of inbound marketing

Reduce superfluous spending

You avoid unnecessary high marketing costs through content and campaigns that are tailored to the needs of your customers.

Increase trust

You regularly get in touch with your customers and prospects on relevant channels. The trust in your brand grows.

Develop expert position

You inform your potential customers through high-quality content. This enables you to conduct independent research and establish yourself step by step as an expert in your field.

More qualitative leads

Sales reps are brought into contact with informed leads earlier in the buying process These have been provided with good digital content, at best pre-qualified by marketing, and may be close to making a final buying decision.

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